Viz Pro Manual

What can I do with Viz?

In a sentence, with Viz you can create algorithms that transform data. Data can be of many different types, such as geometry, numbers, images, materials, etc. Data can come from different places (called sources), such as the 3d modeler (for instance, SketchUp), image files and text files. The transformed data can then be sent to different outputs, such as back to the 3d modeler, or images and text files.

A simple example would be creating an algorithm that builds a model of a house, where the dimensions and the number windows can be changed on the fly by moving a slider.

In Viz, data transformation is performed by a set of nodes, each one performing a particular operation on the data. The data flow between nodes is represented by the edges connecting the nodes. The data flow goes left to right.

Viz Pro Data Flow

It is called parametric modeling because, once the algorithm has been created, you can change the input data and see the resulting output data on the fly, without having to perform the operations all over again.