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A BRep, or Boundary Representation, is the data type used to hold generic geometry. If, for example, we use the Box node to create a box, the output is in the form of a BRep:

Viz Pro Box

The types of topological components contained in a BRep are Vertex, Edge, Wire, Face, Shell, Solid, CompSolid, Compound.

We can use the node Brep Components node to extract the different components, by selecting the corresponding type in the T attribute of the Brep Components node.


A zero-dimensional element representing points in geometry.

Viz Pro Vertex


One-dimensional shape corresponding to a line or a curve and bounded by a vertex at each extremity.

Viz Pro Edge


Sequence of edges connected by vertices.

Viz Pro Wire


Part of a surface bounded by a closed wire(s).

Viz Pro Face


Set of faces connected by edges.

Viz Pro Shell


Part of 3D space bounded by Shells.

Viz Pro Solid


Set of solids connected by their faces.


Set of any other shapes described above.

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