Viz Pro Manual

Generic Input

There is a special type of node, called Generic Input, that allows you to manually enter various types of useful data and lists of data. By double-clicking on the main empty area of the node, you can edit the output value.

Viz Pro generic input

Double-Click on the empty area an enter a numeric value, such as 2.435:

Viz Pro numeric input

Then click on the empty area of the Graph View to commit the change:

Viz Pro Numeric input

If you enter one value for each line, the generic the output will be a list:

Viz Pro list input

You can also enter 2d points and 3d points. For example, a 2d point is entered as 2.34, 3.2, while a 3d point is entered 12.3, 232, 12.3:

Viz Pro point input

If you prepend a v before the point coordinates, such as v 12.3, 232, 12.3, the values are interpreted as a vector:

Viz Pro vector input

By prepending a c before the values, such as c 12.3, 232, 12.3, the input is interpreted as a color.

A domain, such as [0..1], is enter as 0 to 1.

A 2d domain, such as [0..1.5] x [1..2] is entered as 0 to 1.5 by 1 to 2