Viz Pro Manual

Example: Creating a parametric cylinder

In this example, we created a cylinder by extruding a circle along the Z axis. To create new nodes, press the space bar and select the desired node. To create new connections, left-click and drag on the pins. To edit attributes, double-left-click on the pins or their name.

  1. Create a Circle node:Viz Pro Cylinder
  2. Create a Face From Wire node and connect it to the Circle node as in the picture:Face From Wire
  3. Create a Prism node and connect it to the Face From Wire node as in the picture:Prism
  4. Add a Slider node, so you can change the cylinder radius on the fly (double-click on the Slider title bar to change it’s parameters):
  5. If you Double-Click on the slider title bar you’ll be able to edit its parameters:Slider ParametersWhile if you Double-Click on the slider’s rail you can manually enter the value:Slider Value

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