Wall transmittance

With Brick Simulator, together with the external module Layer Composer, you’ll be able to compute thermal transmittance of walls and floors, with all the linked values, in a quick and intuitive way applying the latest standards.

Brick Simulator | Wall Transmittance

With Brick Simulator you will be able to:

  • compute wall transmittance;
  • compute thermal properties of wall applying EN 1745 standard and EN ISO 6946:2007; moreover, you can choose moisture content of materials through EN ISO 10456:2008 standard;
  • compute thermal properties of walls and floors through UNI 10355 standard;
  • import walls’ sections from DXF files;
  • assemble and simulate tridimensional structures thanks to external module Brick Composer;
  • perform simplified computation of tridimensional structures composed by non-homogeneous layers as stated in EN ISO 6946 with Brick Composer;
  • view and print all the aspects of the computation: isotherms, heat flow, triangulation, boundary conditions and much more;
  • perform Glaser analysis to verify interstitial condensation production (and its possible evaporation) as described in EN ISO 13788:2003 standard.

Brick Simulator is available in Italian and English languages.
Brick Simulator is distributed by Dartwin; please visit www.dartwin.it for more information.

This video shows how easily and quickly you can evaluate wall transmittance and interstitial condensation risk (performing Glaser analysis) of a brick:

Layer Composer is an extremely effective external module, distributed for free together with Brick Simulator: just few clicks and you’ll be able to bring your Brick Simulator projects to a real 3D structure together with mortar and plaster layers:

Layer Composer can now be purchased alone; please visit www.dartwin.it for more information.