Thermal Bridge

Mold Simulator is the solution to perform thermal and hygrometric analysis of walls, windows and ceilings. It makes easy to find a thermal bridge and areas affected by surface and interstitial condensation. Mold Simulator is available in Italian and English languages and for Windows and MacOSX.
NEW: since version 5 Bridge Generator is integrated into Mold Simulator: you’ll be able to parametrically geneate thermal bridges in few clicks starting from a large predefined library of presets.

Mold Pro – Ψ and Condensation analysis

Thermal bridges Ψ computation and condensation test conforming to EN ISO 10211 and EN ISO 13788

Mold Dynamic

Mold Dynamic – Dynamic analysis

All the Pro features, thermal lag and analysis over time

Mold 3D

Mold 3D – Tridimensional computation

Pro and Dynamic versions in three dimensions

Do you want to try Mold Simulator?

Mold Simulator Viewer is completely free; you can open and explore any project created with Mold Simulator:

After downloading the sample files above, please open them with Mold Simulator Viewer.