Thermal Bridge

Mold Simulator is the solution to perform thermal and hygrometric analysis of walls, windows and ceilings. It makes easy to find a thermal bridge and areas affected by surface and interstitial condensation. Mold Simulator is available in Italian and English languages and for Windows and MacOSX.

Mold Psi

Mold Psi! – Psi computation

The easiest way to get linear transmittance of a thermal bridge

Mold Pro – Condensation analysis

All the Psi! features, geometric tools, materials pack, report tools and condensation analysis

Mold Dynamic

Mold Dynamic – Dynamic analysis

All the Pro features, thermal lag and analysis over time

Do you want to try Mold Simulator?

Mold Simulator Viewer is completely free; you can open and explore any project created with Mold Simulator:

After downloading the sample files above, please open them with Mold Simulator Viewer.

Plugins and features for thermal bridges

Every version of the sofware has a different set of features (see below for a full list). Since version 3 you can expand Mold Simulator capabilities by activating additional plugins, which can be purchased separately.
An extremely powerful plugin is Bridge Generator: when active, you’ll be able to parametrically generate a thermal bridge in just few clicks. Here you are just some examples of available thermal bridges types:

Some plugins’ features are already available by certain versions of the software (for example, geometric tools are already implemented by Mold Pro). Here you are the full list of plugins:

NameFeaturesAvailable for Psi!Available for ProAvailable for DynamicPrice
Geometric toolsAutomatic cavity detection, construction axis managemen, subdivide and manage progect in blocks, geometrically transform entire project, import projects from DXF filesX€60 + tax
Report toolsCustomizable reportX€40 + tax
Materials packadditional material types (EN ISO 10077-2 insulation panel, segment, transparent, gas), EN ISO 10077-2, EN 1745, UNI 10351 material librariesX€40 + tax
Import/Export packimport projects from DXF files, export project to DXF files, LBNL Therm importXXX€60 + tax
ISO 15099ISO 15099 cavities, ISO 15099 boundary conditions, ISO 15099 glazing systemsXXX€60 + tax
Bridge generatorparametric bridge generatorXXX€60 + tax

Create you own slide shows!

You will be able to create real slide shows of your projects: simple “record” some screenshots and Mold Simulator will automatically generate an animation. To distribute it, for example, to some clients, is immediate: you just have to make them open your projects, containing the presentation, with the “Viewer” version of the software. This version is completely free and time unlimited, but it can just view files and not modify them.

Fully customizable print report

Forget the old reports: now you can modify and customize reports as you wish. You’ll have an internal editor (similar to the ones you’re familiar with) to define every single detail you want to print. It is even possible to save reports i various file formats (also html, readable by any computer). You’ll be able to insert various kinds of labels, adding more information; it is a key point for a complete documentation.
Mold Simulator is distributed by Dartwin; please visit for more information.
Here you are a list of blog articles about Mold Simulator:

compute linear thermal transmittance of thermal bridges with few and simple stepsXXX
compute the thermal characteristics of building elements, windows and ceilings according to the ISO 10211 standard; in particular, once you have specified material properties and boundary conditions, using the finite element method you can find the distribution of temperature and heat flow over the cross sectionXXX
create your own custom materialsXX
visualize and print many different computation results: isotherms, heat flow, condensation areas, meshing triangulation, boundary conditions and many othersXXX
find areas of condensation according to the standard ISO 13788-2003XX
perform Glaser analysis to check for interstitial condensation (and eventually evaporation) according to the standard ISO 13788XX
perform Glaser analysis using simulated temperaturesXX
compute thermal lag, according to EN ISO 13786X
perform condensation and thermal analysis over time, considering heat capacity of materialsX
use boundary conditions depending on timeX
automatic cavity detectionXXX
construction axis management (NEW!)XXX
subdivide and manage progect in blocks (NEW!)XXX
geometrically transform entire projectXXX
customizable rendering settingsXX
boundary conditions groupsXX
3D view and managementXX
EN 12898 correct emissivity computation (NEW!)XX
area computation methodXX
customizable reportsXXX
additional material types: EN ISO 10077-2 insulation panel, segment, transparent, gasXXX
EN ISO 10077-2, EN 1745, UNI 10351 material librariesXXX
import projects from DXF filesXXXX
export project to DXF filesXXX
LBNL Therm import (NEW!)X
ISO 15099 cavities (NEW!)X
ISO 15099 boundary conditions (NEW!)X
ISO 15099 glazing systems (NEW!)X
parametric bridge generator (NEW!)X
(GT = geometric tools, RT = report tools, MP = materials pack, IEP = import/export pack, 15099 = ISO 15099, BG = bridge generator)