Frame Simulator is our flagship software for window transmittance (EN ISO 10077-2) computation. After two years of development, we’re pleased to announce Frame Simulator 3; for more information please go to Frame Simulator page.

After two years from the release of Mold Simulator 2, we’re extremely pleased to announce Mold Simulator 3. Aside the huge list of improvements and new features, we’ve added a new version of the software: Mold PSI!, specifically designed for linear thermal transmittance computation. For more information please go to Mold Simulator page.

We’re pleased to announce the release of update 2.1.7 for both Frame Simulator, our window transmittance simulator, and Mold Simulator, our thermal bridge software. This is a maintainance release, with a some bug fixes. You can get the latest viewer versions here:
Frame Simulator | Windows Transmittance
Mold Simulator | Thermal Bridges

Mold Simulator has been updated to version 2.1.6; this time we’ve solved several bugs and improved Mac OSX compatibility. For more information please go to Mold Simulator | Thermal Bridges page.

We’re pleased to announce that Frame Simulator, our windows transmittance calculation software, 2.1.6 is out. We’ve solved several bugs; you can download the viewer version here.

This is a maintenance release with a bunch of bug fixes. Please go to Frame Simulator page to download the updated viewer version.

Our thermal bridge simulator, Mold Simulator 2.1.3, is out with a bunch of changes and bug fixes:

  • volumetric mass and specific heat can be temperature-dependant (Dynamic);
  • X-Y curve factors for humidity (Dynamic);
  • GUI improvements on Mac OSX version;
  • various bug fixes.

Mold Simulator is available for Windows and Mac OSX; the new viewer version can be downloaded from thermal bridge page.

We are pleased to announce that Frame Simualtor, our window thermal transmittance simulator (for Windows and Mac OSX), version 2.1.2 is out! Here you are the list of major changes:

  • insulation panel’s cross element now considers the real width;
  • border and minimum with options for table tags;
  • various bug fixes.

The new viewer can be downloaded at Frame Simulator | Window Transmittance.