We are excited to announce the release of AmbientOcclusion 2.5! This new version retains the same 1-click ease of use of the old AmbientOcclusion, but adds a lot of improvements:

  • Much faster interaction and responsivity
  • Added glass material coloring (both solid color and with SketchUp texture)
  • Added mirror material coloring and transparency (both solid color and with SketchUp texture)
  • Speed improvements and bug fixes

The new version of AmbientOcclusion free trial can be downloaded here.

AmbientOcclusion Hill Villa Rendering

After months of development, we are proud to announce AmbientOcclusion 2.0! Free trial here.

This is a brief summary of this version’s improvements:

  • photo-realistic materials
  • material editor
  • presets
  • speed improvements and bug fixes

Please have a look at this video for a brief introduction to the new features.