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Internal or external linear thermal transmittance in a thermal bridge

In many thermal bridge computations, you can choose the reference point against which to calculate the linear thermal transmittance (psi). The most common example is the edge of a building:
Thermal Bridge
It is possible to calculate psi compared to the internal reference point (lengths A and B) or outside (C and D). Thanks to Mold Simulator 3’s new features, you can do both with a single project following these simple steps:
1- plot the section elements to identify lengths C and D of the thermal bridge:

Thermal Bridge
2- change the properties of the newly created items by enabling the “double-length” option. Some new lines will appear for each item;
3- adapt to the new lines in order to identify the lengths A and B:

Thermal Bridge
Turning to “Simulation” tab, you will notice two distinct values of thermal bridge’s linear thermal transmittance (psi): one refers to the internal reference point and the other one to the outside point. For more information, please go to Mold Simulator page.

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