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Mold Simulator 2.0.9

We’re very pleased to announce that Mold Simulator, our thermal bridge simulator (for Windows and Mac OSX) 2.0.9 is out. Here you are what’s new: settings file can be saved to a custom folder; conditional labels; improved printed viewports; import/export more than one texture a time; views window minimized at run time; various bug fixes. […]

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Thermal lag

In this article we’ll discuss thermal lag, an important value to take under consideration when analyzing walls and, more in general, building structures. We’ll use our FEM software, , to compute thermal lag in accordance with EN ISO 13786. In case of simple structures (i.e. a set of homogeneous layers) thermal lag can be analytically […]


Thermal Bridge Computation

In this brief tutorial we’ll show you how to computer linear thermal transmittance of a typical thermal bridge: a junction between a wall and a floor. We’ll use as FEM software for its analysis. Thermal bridge The structure is in contact with external environment (on the left) and internal environment (on the right). In this […]

Frame Simulator 2.0.7 and YouTube channel

We’re pleased to announce the release of Frame Simulator 2.0.7. Major changes are: isotherms labels in views of section’s portion; information about version used for a project; merge project: keep vertices selected of new project; ability to stop PSLG Boundary and PSLG fill algorithms; rendering settings reset button; hide data area. Please visit page for […]